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In the sugar industry we propose complex solutions by turn-key constructions and reconstruction of industrial objects:


  • development and coordination of construction documents
  • complete delivery of equipment
  • execution of construction and erection works
  • process control and electric power supply
  • full complex of installation supervision and start-up works
  • personnel training
  • putting object into operation.


Our solutions by reconstruction of single sections of sugar plant:

  • purification and filtration
  • juice, suspension, syrup filtration stations
  • evaporation station and complex reconstruction of heating factory scheme
  • product shop
  • lime and gas shop
  • pulp drying shop
  • reinforced silages for without packing storage of sugar
  • process control of boiler rooms
  • full process control and dispatching of production technological processes.

During realization of reconstruction projects are used modern equipment from west producers as well as own production.