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Process engineering
General contracting
General contracting



In the field of general contracting, the group of companies CTS is presented by “CTS General contractor”.


“CTS General contractor” is multifunctional construction and engineering company with qualified personnel and modern management.


Thanks to complex approach in execution of construction work contracts, reciprocal respect in relations with Customer and abidance of terms and conditions of partnership we ensure for you:

  • concise works organisation at the object in accordance with project and normative documentation
  • abidance of technology
  • proved prices and flexible sales system
  • real terms of works execution
  • competency to work from “list” of project.


Basics functions of the company “CTS General contractor” as a general contracting organization:

  • general management of execution process of construction and erection works at the object
  • control of abidance of contract terms execution in the part of works financing
  • provision of construction approved in established order of project documentation from the customer side
  • provision of abidance of requirements acting construction norms by all construction participants.


During execution of single works stages or terminating construction and erection works in whole, “CTS General contractor”, as general contracting, shows finished object to receiving commission and participates in its putting into operation.