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Automation of industrial production and technological processes

Automation is one of the key profile of the Group of companies CTS. Despite of existing in the Group of engineer’s profile, all of them are jointed by two things:
- active usage at the different stages of project life cycle of modern computer, information technologies;
- integration of industrial automation means in the set of full complex solutions from the Group for our target market.

In the field of Industrial automation the Group of companies CTS is presented by the company “Complex Technological Systems”.

The firm has of many years experience and by right is proud by their achievements in many industries of industrial and non-industrial productions.


Solutions in automation

Below mentioned solutions have many installations in Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and another countries.


Food and refining industries

  • Sugar industry: Process control of full production cycle
  • Yeast industry: Process control of enzymes machines
  • Oil and fat plants: process control elevator, clearing department, desodorization department
  • Alcohol plants: Process control of full production cycle
  • Flour industry, elevator and combined feed: process control of elevator, floaks production


Ore-dressing plants:

  • Process control of enriching factories
  • Process control of magnito flotation finish-machining
  • Process control batcher.


Power industry

  • Process control of HPP of industrial plants – full range of solutions

 Solutions in large power industry are presented by the partner of CTS – OJSC “L’vovORGRES’



  • Process control of vacuum filtration, hydrolysis


Glass industry

  • Process control of furnaces
     Process control of heaters of elaborating channels


Infrastructures and facilities

  • Process control in water channels
  • Process control in heating networks
  • Process control of escalator in subways
  • Process control of boiler units and heating supplier stations.


Solutions of Group’s automation are based on modern trends of process control. Group uses the best achievements of world market and actively collaborates with leading world brands, such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens and others, that allowed to has in its arsenal different solutions on the base of PLC + SCADA, as well as on the base of mini-DCS. At the same time, the Group leads politics of constant development and improving of own solutions and know-how, built on profound understanding of technological tasks and specificities of home’s productions.


With detailed solutions of company “Complex Technological Systems” you can get acquainted on the corporate company’s site.